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Elizabeth Kraft (Aguire)
City Clerk Married 2
30 years already!!!  I don't feel that old.  I live in California and am an elected official (City Clerk) for the City of Galt.  Would love to see everyone and will try to make it.  The 20 year reunion was a blast!

Things have been good.  Cancer survivor, my first granddaughter, still working with mayor and city council, and enjoying life.  Trying to travel more and do the things I want to do.
Tony Aldridge
Logistics Manager Committed Relationship 2
I look forward to seeing the people at the reunion. It's difficult to realize it has been 30 years!!! I'll see you there.
Cindy Stone (Allen)
RN-Patient Safety Consultant Married 4
I want to thank the reunion committee for the continous reminders of how fast we are aging:)
I cannot believe it has been 40 yrs!! I have not been able to attend any reunions yet because we have not been in town during the reunion dates but it's on my bucket list! Here's my update:
      After graduating from PLU, I married an army pilot and joined the army nurse corps. I opted to rejoin civilian life when we started our family. After 25 yrs of military service, my husband retired and we eventually returned home to the pacific northwest.  We raised 4 wonderful kids, 3 boys Nathan, Justin, and Brandon and 1 girl, Kaitlyn. 2 of our sons joined the army, with one making a career of it in the JAG corps. Our other son is completing his masters degree at Georgia State. Our daughter, Kaitlyn, graduated high school this year.
I am currently working on JBLM as the  Patient Safety consultant for Regional Health Command-Pacific. We cover hospitals and clinics in Hawaii, Japan, Korea, Alaska and the entire Pacific coastline so it kerps me busy. Still waiting for grandchildren.........

Cliff Anderson
It is only a title.... Married 2

It was wonderful seeing so many classmates at our reunion!  The evening simply went by too fast.
At one point during the celebration, I stopped to look at our entire group.  There were so many engaging conversations - the air was electrified of renewed friendships.  It felt so be there that night.  I hope that we all will stay connected in some way; making small efforts to say 'hello'.    Life is so precious and yet so short.  I raise a toast to our 18 classmates who have passed on and may it be decades before we add another remembrance to the board.  Until we meet again: be happy, live well and stay connected.

Best Wishes!!


Kelly Flores (Andringa)
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Consultant Married 2
I have been married for 19 years and have two great kids.  I recently sold my Day Spa and now I am semi-retired.  I am a Aesthetician and a business consultant but only work when I need money for travel, shoes or champagne.  My bestest buddy is still Carrie Lou Morris (Burchard) and I love visitng her in San Francisco.  I am truly enjoying my life and feel extremely blessed that I have lived through teaching my 10th grade daughter how to drive (Thank the lord for the 911 driving school).   See you all at the reunion. 
Daniel Bailey
Army Medical Service Corps Officer Married 3

Like everyone, a lot of things have changed even since the 35th reunion.

I retired in February, 2017 as a Lieutenant Colonel from the US Army after 35 years, a mix of over 15 years active duty and about 20 years of reserve service. Just before I retired, my wife and I took an around-the-world trip, flying from DC to Vienna Austria, then to Athens Greece, spent a week in Greece, and then boarded a brand new cruise ship for a 16 day cruise from Athens stopping in Israel, Jordan, Oman, and ending up in Dubai. We then flew to Singapore, then to Beijing for a 12 hour layover and of course a trip to the nearest part of the Great Wall. It was an awesome trip.

Around 2007 I contracted adult onset running… and biking… and swimming... Since 2007, I have done 10 marathons (26.2 miles), 2 Half Ironman triathlons, and 1 Full Ironman triathlon (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run). I am training to do Ironman Maryland in October 2017.
After graduation from Lakes, I attended college at Washington State University and Fort Steilacoom Community College. I then enlisted in the Army for 4 years in 1981 and worked as a computer programmer and was stationed first in Colorado and then in Germany. I had an especially great time living in Germany because I speak German and I had a great job where I got a lot of incredible experience. In 1987 I joined an Army Reserve unit as they suckered me back in with part-time tuition assistance. 
I completed a double major (5 years) in computer information systems and business administration at Regis University in Denver. I later completed my Masters degree in Systems Management from the University of Southern California in 1990. I decided to become a Reserve officer and in 1989, I was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Army Medical Service Corps. I spent 3 months in the heat at San Antonio Texas attending my Officer Basic course. 
In 1985, I started work for Federal Express for 7 years as a systems programmer. I then worked as a database administrator at MCI/WorldCom for 9 years.
Right after 9/11, I was mobilized by the Army and spent over 2 years working near Washington DC. In 2003, I returned to Colorado Springs, and began working for Lockheed Martin as a contractor.
In 2006, I volunteered to work at the National Military Command Center at the Pentagon. It was an amazing experience working at the 24 hour operations center for the whole Department of Defense. I then worked for the Army Biometrics Task Force. During that time, I earned a Master’s certificate program at the Naval Postgraduate School. I also spent a year in Germany and then did a tour in Afghanistan as the commander of Task Force Biometrics Kandahar.
After Afghanistan, I was ready to settle down a bit so I worked as a Subject Matter Expert in Biometrics. Subsequently I was a cyber IT professor at the National Intelligence University. 
To finish my Army career, I worked as a program and project manager for the Defense Information Systems Agency, the IT service provider for the entire Department of Defense. Recently I started my current job as a cyber IT technical instructor.
That brings me up to the present day, so I want to say thanks to the reunion committee for all their incredible hard work to make this reunion happen.
Bill Ball
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retired Voc Rehab Counselor WA Blind Committed Relationship
After HS I got a BA at Western, worked in retail mgt for a decade, got married and divoreced I then decided to follow my heart, changed career paths working for a nonprofit directing a High School to work program for Tacoma students. In addition to the career change I came out of the closet as a gay man and started living life as such. After nearly a decade at the nonprofit, I got a position with the State of Washington Department of Services for the Blind as a Vocational Rehabilitation  Counselor, returned to Western for my Masters in Vocational Counseling. I worked for the State until I retired. For the last few years I  cared for my parents until they passed, allowing them to remain in their home in Lakewood. I have lived in Bonney Lake for almost thirty years, with the exception of two years in Seattle. I have kept my home in Bonney Lake, enjoyed the half a dozen horses I have riden on six thousand acres of paradise just down the road. I have enjoyed rehabing, renting out, and eventually flipping several houses over the years and love carpentry. I am in a commited relatiopnship with a wonderful man and life is good..
Christopher Barnes
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Online Marketing Consultant Married 3
Hi everyone,
Long time no talk!. David (Bone) James told me about the reunion- I think it is great!. For the past 20 years I have lived in Southern California by the beach. My wife kathe and I have been married 17 years and we have three children Josh (20), Jessica (15) ,and Jasmine (13). Currently, I run two businesses, an online marketing consultancy and a growing photography/ writing business. I guess the love of Journalism has never left me. Last year we had the chance to take our entire family to Europe for a couple weeks. What a blessing! We hope to go again next year but stay even longer!
My best to everyone.
Melodie Bauermeister
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Maker of Jewelry Committed Relationship
Sheila Blevins (Beckstrom)
Special Education Teacher Married 2
  I have worked for the Clover Park School Disctrict for 25 years. I worked at Hudtloff Middle School and Lakes High School for 5 of those years. I have 3 grandchildren of which 2 of them I have raised for 15 years now.
Kelly Burk (Blank)
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Costco Receiving Secretary Married
whatzzzzzzzup?! Life is Great!! I married my best friend 3 years ago(after being friends for 20 years)I am living in the "O.C". Yes, Orange county, Ca. The city where the swallows come back every year, San Jaun Capistrano. We are 3 miles from the beach. I look exactly the same as high school except for the 30 xtra lbs., the hair color change( which I did before I moved here) and tanner skin. I have planned to meet up with Elaine and we will have our DANCIN' SHOES ready... so BOYZ...get ready!!! Can't wait!!! xoxo Kelly
Rita Weeks (Bohn)
Divorced 3
Nancy Howell (Brinson)
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Advertising Married 2
Hi Everyone!
I can't believe it has been 30 years!  I'm looking forward to a trip back to the beautiful Pacific Northwest and to seeing all of you again!  I've been married for 17 years to Jack Brinson, who was stationed at Whidbey Island with the Navy back in the 80's.  We've lived several places since then, but we settled in Raleigh, NC in 1996 and love it here.  We have two daughters, Sarah (14) and Kate (11) who are both full fledged teenagers!  Hopefully all of my family will be able to join me for the big reunion weekend.  Either way, here's to lots of laughing, fun, dancing and remembering with the Lakes Class of 77...see you in August!
Carrie Morris (Burchard)
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Business Development Divorced 2

Looking forward to the reunion, the others we've had were really a great time.   I have to say, I did have a tiny hangover after!!   I live in California, but get up to the area often to see Kelly, who is still my dearest friend.   My youngest is graduating from high school this year, my oldest is a freshman at Berkeley.   Not married again, but my kids will be out of the house soon, giving this old lady a chance to kick up her out!! 
Leslie Simmonds (Cleveland)
Water Resources Manager Married
Hello Everyone,
Like all of you, can't believe 30 years have passed. I have been working for the same agency for 25 years.  I have been marrried for 12 years (first and only marriage-waited a long time to take that step). My husband is a retired U.S. Marine with 31 years of service.  He now works for UPS.  We have only one child- Kiska, our 15 month old mini schnauzer!  We live in Southern California (thought I would come here for 5 years and have been here 25- so much for planning!!!!!).  Besides working, family life, travelling, I am also a Tribal President of an Alaskan Native Village (yes, I am an Alaskan Native with strawberry blonde hair).  Like many of you, we have been truly blessed with a wonderful life of good health, financial comfort, travel experiences and great extended familiy and friends.  We look forward to seeing you at the reunion.
Kathy Brown (Clowers)
Consultant, Project Manager - ERP Implementations (Emphasis on HCM and Financials 
Married 2

It's another job well done!  Thanks committee team members for taking a year out of your busy lives to be such a blessing to all of us. It truly was wonderful seeing all my old friends again and even making a few new ones ......  Matt - I didn't know you in school, but you sure turned out be a genuine nice guy and you have a very lovely family. I wish you the best.

Well I would tell you about work or school, but I wouldn't want to bore you to death. Anyway, I got married right out of high school and I am still married to the same man, almost 30 years now. We have 2 sons that we raised in
California, David is 22 and Eric is 21. We recently relocated to Oklahoma. I know Oklahoma over California. What were we thinking? Money - it's all about the money! I got 5x the house I would have been able to get in California. Ooops ..... too much information, now I really have bored you. 

Anyway, was it fun? Yeah. The most interesting or should I say bazaar thing was: the guy I had a crush on in high school, married someone from the same high school as my husband, works in the same occupation as my brother, and now (believe it or not) lives on the same street I grew up on. What a small world; makes me laugh.  


Anyway, it was good seeing all of you. I hope everyone enjoys whatever treasures of life are still coming their way.

Keep in touch. I welcome your hello’s. KC

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Mark Conforti
Attorney Single
Looking forward to seeing everyone again. It has been fun catching up with some folks by working with the Reunion Committee. I moved back to WA about 8 years ago and am an attorney. It was nice seeing the world, but also nice to be back home. Hope to see everyone at the reunion!
Catherine Coucoules
Retired Married
Hello Everyone, I am happily married to my wife of 32 years living in the Palm Springs area of Southern CA. We moved here 2.5 years ago after I retired from the State of Washiongton. I worked for DSHS (Public Assistances) for 38 years. 

Lived in Seattle most of my life after High school until we moved to California.  I sang with the Seattle Women's Chorus for 16 years. 
Cheri Duncan (Cox)
retired Married 2
Kevin Dick
Retired Paramedic Married
40 years. Can't wait to see everyone. Fun Times.
Iv been married for 28 years to the most beautiful wonderful woman
a man could dream of. We've traveled all over the world and are not close 
to being done.
See everyone in August.
Mark Doelman
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I.T. systems analyst Committed Relationship 1
After LHS, started out working in consumer electronics sales and support, electronic parts distribution and continued with interests in music as a professional performing musician playing in variety top 40 bands as a singer, guitar and sax player that became a full time occupation for many years.   Went back to school at Green River C.C. for an AA in electronic technology and was hired by BofA equipment repair and supported branch banking systems in the Seattle area, then moved to Hailey Idaho to support BofA central ID branch banking systems.  Moved back to Tacoma taking a job offer to go into  PACS medical imaging systems support with a company in the bay area that was purchased by 3M Imation then Kodak Heath Imaging.  Recruited to a San Diego based PACS company and moved to Spokane.  Got off the road and out of airplanes taking a position with Spokane based healthcare systems company.  Relocated and raised my daughter for her high school years here in Spokane and proud that she graduated with honors from high school while in a running start program at the Spokane Falls C.C. where she graduated with a liberal arts degree with plans to go into the health care field.  I have stayed active in the music business mostly as a sax player in the blues and jazz genre and nominated in the best instrumentalist catagory by the Inland Empire Blues Society in 2011.  More recently I have worked for Pemco Insurance supporting the Spokane office information systems, and at Enhanced Software Products as a consulting systems administrator, and as a contracted IT systems engineer.
Tom Dunn
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Software Engineer Divorced

Fellow classmates, 30 years have seen many changes for me, so here are some highlights.

After attending WSU for Computer Science, I worked for Boeing for 12 years as a systems analyst and project manager.  But our gray skies inspired me to get some sun and so I moved to Phoenix.  Wow, what a change – from damp to extremely dry and dusty, from gray to blue and bright!  I was married for a few years while there; now divorced.  My career took me to California for five years working for defense companies.  But I never became accustomed to Southern CA.  So, 12 years after moving away from the Northwest I moved back last week to Portland, OR to start a new job with Jeppesen, a Boeing subsidiary.  Jeppesen is known for aeronautical navigation charts and is transforming from paper based charts to digital charts.  They are expanding into the nautical market with electronic nav charts for boats and ships.  I work with the software development teams and departments to improve their operating procedures.


To the Reunion Committee: you’ve done a wonderful job!  Many thanks.

Edna Mason (Edwards)
Transportation Admin Married 3
David Fejeran
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Systems Engineer Married 3
So, here is what’s new in my life since the last reunion. You know this would have been much easier if we’d had a 25th year class reunion! That’s probably just as much my fault as anyone’s for talking about it and not doing more. That’s why I was more than happy to join this year’s reunion committee because I figured it was that important. Speaking of 25th, I would have to say my crowning achievement is reaching my 25th wedding anniversary with my wife Kelly. She and I have really hit our stride; we’ve been keeping each other young and healthy. Hopefully it shows. Taking walks, Disney vacations, enjoying our boys and dancing at the local casinos. Life has been a joy and she’s been my rock. You can check us out on her MySpace page, that’s where you’ll find the latest about us. In 2005 we went on our first cruise and first family trip out of the country. Disney Cruise Line came to the west coast to celebrate Disneyland’s 50th anniversary. In addition to the seven days aboard the Disney Magic, we got to visit Cabo San Lucas, Matzatlan, and Puerto Valarta. . It was an exciting time and just an amazing experience.
We tragically lost my mother that same year. Not having my parents around has been one of the hardest adjustments I’ve had to make. Before they were gone I always had this buffer between me and eternity. Now I really appreciate the elders I come in contact with and in a sense looking forward to becoming one, at least one’s like my mom and dad.
This year I celebrated 21 years at Comcast,  I’ve settled into a System’s Engineer job that is still rewarding and hectic at the same time. Kelly works part time at the local Dinner’s Ready, having previously given the dental industry 23 good years. She’s really enjoying the extra time with our boys and has become quite efficient in knitting, crocheting, cat wrangling and quilt making (check out the quilt she made for the Reunion). She’s also a volunteer blanket maker for Project Linus. They are a non-profit organization  But beyond all this, I’ve discovered her greatest gift has been the ability to put up with me. That’s an amazing feat all to itself!
Together we’ve gotten one child thru higher education, with two more in the wings. My oldest son, Zak, is now semi-self sufficient working in Seattle. My second oldest, Keenan, will be a senior this coming year at Curtis High School in University Place. He volunteers as a camera man in Tacoma’s Life Center, where we attend. He enjoys all the typical teenager digs, making ample use of my company’s services, when he’s not defeating the dark forces on our Xbox 360. Our youngest, Gabriel, will be in sixth grade and is taller than both his mom and I. He’s also a big video game fan and a favorite companion of mine on many a bike ride. Both the home boys love lounging around with our resident house owners. Those would be the four cats. They own the place and allow use to co-habitat here. When our oldest child moved out, it left a awkward void in our house. So, Kelly felt it was time we had pets. Cats were the answer and somehow we’ve grown to having four. They don’t answer to their names, but this is what we call them; Pixey, Dusty, Figuro, and Nessie. 
I’ve reread my entries in the 10 year and 20 year memory books and I still stand by them. My only regret is that we don’t have more reunions more often. Meeting all of you and being on the reunion committee has been a great source of joy and I’m sure I’ll miss it when it’s all over. For all my alumni buddies, who couldn’t make it this year, I hope to hear from you all and just maybe we’ll cross paths in the near future. God Bless and Go Lancers!
 Hope you like the pics. The before pic is Donnie Courson & I in our monkey suits. The second is my family at Disneyland in 2006. Drop us a line and tell us what you?ve been up to! GO Lancers!
Wade Gibson
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Telecommunications support technician Married 2

Its been a long time since I have seen everyone , so I should tell you what has been happening in my life. I have been very happily married for 21 years to my wife Kathy.  We have 2 Beautiful daughters Jessica 16 and Crystal 12.  We moved to Anchorage in 2006 where I Have been working for GCI an Alaska Based Telecommunications company as a support technician. I hope to see most of you at the next reunion.

Yvonne Nehl (Ginoulis)
Operations Coordinator Married 4

35 Year update:  Still married to a great guy.  Three grandchildren, 11, 4 and 2.  All my kids have graduated from H.S and College.  Oldest is a teacher, middle daughter is in nursing program and my twin, my son who will be my designated driver at the reunion, is 22.  Look forward to seeing everyone at the 35th and catching up on what everyone is doing.  Also collecting more Facebook friends.

Preston Glaude
Married 3

Lakes High - Class of 77! Thirty years later, where has time gone? I'm excited to see everyone at the reunion activities - the committee has worked hard to make this a great event!

I am a Sales Manager at South Tacoma Honda - I have worked there 19 years! My wife of 15 years, Jenny, and I live in Bonney Lake with our adorable black lab, Auggie. Jenny and I like to travel, mostly road trips in our travel trailer with the dog and our quads. Once the weather is warmer, we enjoy jetskiing and taking Auggie swimming.

My kids are all grown up! Rachel is 25 and lives in Denver with her boyfriend and their 3 year old son, Ashton. He calls me Gramps!! We visit them as much as we can and Rachel and Ashton will be here the weekend of the reunion. My son Noah is 22 and is attending UW. He works at the library on campus and volunteers at the Arboretum. My youngest daughter, Jordan, is 20 and graduated from a junior college in Colorado this year. This summer she is living "on her own" in Seattle and attending UW. She is moving back to Colorado in August to finish her bachelor's degree at Metro College in Denver. We see the kids often, although it never seems like it could be enough.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion! Please visit the reunion website at triple w dot lakes77 dot com for additional activities.

Kari Gonter
Protector of the airways Single Again 10
30 years, holy $#iT, it just seems like a few years ago, but I guess that means my buzz is finally wearing off. I look forward to seeing all the beautiful ladies.
Michelle Smith (Gould)
Admin Asst Married 2
I have been happily married 28 years to Rocky Gould and we have two adult children, Kevin who lives in Florida and Stacy who lives in NY. I have an adorable grandson (Brayten) who is 18 mo old and am thankful for my job at Alaska Airlines for the past 9yrs which gives me the ability to visit them.  Looking forward to seeing you all at the reunion! 
Tammy Riley (Guill)
Tourism Consultant and Grant Writer Widowed
Looking forward to seeing everyone in August 2022!
Gina Mercier (Harada)
teacher Married 2
I didn't move far after Lakes-live in Federal Way. Have 2 boys, 17 and 11 years old. worked a few jobs but i'n now teaching 1st and 2nd grade and working on Master's.I can't believe it's been 30 years!
Lori Thomas (Healey)
Chief of Staff to Mayor, City of Chicago Divorced 2
It's been 20 years since I've been to Tacoma, and I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone.  I have an amazing job, working as Chief of Staff to the Mayor of the City of Chicago (just like the West Wing!).  I have two great kids, Ramsey (24) and Emily (21), both in college with graduation in sight.  I can't wait to see Shirley, Larry, Gary, Terese, Mark and everybody else!
Angelika Confer (Heaton)
Administrative Services/Risk Managment Director Married 1
Hello Everyone:

I am looking forward to seeing you all at the upcoming reunion.  I'm not sure who is more excited, me or my husband Mike Heaton (Class of 1976).  Mike is looking forward to seeing some of his old football buddies from our class.  We went to the Class of 1976 Reunion last summer and we had a great time.

Mike and I have been married for 23 years and we've lived in Puyallp for almost 20 years.  We have been extremely blessed by our wonderful son Kyle who is 16.  He is currently a student at Rogers High School in Puyallup and preparing for college.  He is a great kid and he plans to pursue a degree in engineering when he goes to college.  He is much smarter than either of his parents because he plans to pursue a Phd. too.

Mike has been with the Coca Cola company for almost 30 years and will retire in less then 2 years.  He is in the process of deciding his next life adventure after 30 years of soda pop!  He is still an avid football fanatic (go Seahawks!).

As for me, I graduated from the Univeristy of Puget Sound (back in the stone ages) with a degree that has relatively little to do with any job I've ever held....well, it least it wasn't basket weaving.  I am currently a Risk Director at a company in Seattle that develops, builds, and manages retirement communities.

Our family enjoys spending lots of time together and we love the movies, traveling, and Kyle especially enjoys terrifying his mother on the wildest roller coasters he can find. 
Andrea Hefty
Profile picture
Profile picture
  I don't expect many of you to remember me, since I only attended Lakes my junior & senior years and haven't kept in contact with anyone since my early 20's. I remember many of you though, and some quite fondly!
  In the fall of '77, I attended PLU (Karin Larson was my roommate 1st semester---sorry, Karin!). After 2 years, I dropped out and worked at Frederick & Nelson's in the old Lakewood mall. I married at 21 and had my first daughter 5 years later in San Francisco where we had lived for a few years. When she was a baby, we moved back to Washington state where I've lived since (except for 1+ year overseas working for the American Embassy in Jordan).
  I returned to college and earned a BA in International Business with a minor in Soviet Studies and a MA in Cultural Anthropology. I spent time in Russia and Ukraine in the early 1990's doing research. I also had 2 more daughters during that time. I currently work for the state. My eldest daughter also works for the state (in another city), and the other two are in college (biomedical engineering & pre-law).
  Other than just the daily grind of just getting by, I like to travel, volunteer in my community, read, bake, and do crafts & handiwork. I live a very mundane, nondescript life.
Keith Hillstead
auto dealer Married 2
Claudia Schott (Hockett)
Mental Health 3
Thanks to the reunion committee for all their hard work and effort in putting this together. Fabulous site! It's a great time to reflect back on our lives and share with others. 

It still doesn't seem like 30 years but then again time marches on.  I have three kids (Jarrett 25, Joshua 21 and Jessica 16) grandchildren yet. The boys are both living on their own. Josh is in Iraq so it's been a tough year. I pray for him and all the other soldiers' safe return home. My daughter is attending Lakes so I'm still connected to Lakes 30 years later.

I lived briefly in the Midwest but Washington was always home. I've worked in the mental health field for 20+ years. My greatest accomplishment was finishing graduate school. Those old brains cells had to work twice as hard. There are benefits to being young but then again with age comes wisdom. A few years a way from 50 and the world looks differerent. At this point, retirement is starting to sound pretty good.  

I'm looking forward to the reunion. Hope to see everyone there.

Take Care,
Romero Iral
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TSA - Assistant Federal Security Director Married 4
Well done again to all those involved with making and managing this
website and many thanks to the reunion committee for organizing these reunions...I'm planning to be there for our 40th.  My family and I currently reside in Yorktown Heights, New York (about 45 minutes north of New York City).  I retired in 2001 as a Commander after serving 20 years in the US Navy; and 10 days later, 9-11 happened.  So I jumped back into the arena and now work in the Department of Homeland Security / Transportation Security Administration and am in charge of TSA at Westchester County Airport (HPN) in White Plains, NY and Stewart International Airport (SWF)in New Windsor, NY  as the Assistant Federal Security Director.  My "main squeeze" (Helen) and I have 4 daughters - 2 of which have have started making their dent in the world:  Heather (31) is an architect in Boston; and Colleen(22) who graduated last year from the University of Vermont, is interning at an organic farm in Oregon and plans to be an organic farmer.  Juliana(18) will be attending the University of Denver this fall and will be majoring in art conservation and restoration;  and Shannon(16)) will be starting her junior year in high school.  Helen is the vice president of a CSA (community supported agriculture) organic farm and as a result, we all eat very fresh and healthy food.  Our three younger daughters and Helen have been involved in Tae Kwon Do and earned their black belts and the younger two daughters have really gotten involved with theatre as set designers, builders, and stage crewmembers  (proximity to Broadway has been most beneficial); and our youngest is now playing piccolo in addition to flute in the high school symphonic band.  As for me, I've been involved with triathlons, polo, tennis, and most recently, car racing with my Lotus that I was fortunate enough to be able to pick-up when stationed in London 27 years ago.  Looking forward to seeing you all again after 40 years and perhaps we'll even get in a game of foosball. 
Contact Representative Married 3
Ay chuleta! Trienta anos!  Where did the time go? Okay, after Lakes, did 2 years at Fort Steilacoom CC, then 2-1/2 at Washington State University, got BA in Communications.  Briefly wrote ads for an advertising agency.  Was an actor for about  13 years after, best role was Rick Steadman in "The Nerd."  Supported acting with government work; have been with Social Security for way too many years!  Have a home in Tacoma North End, Married in 1990, have one daughter who attends Tacoma School of the Arts,  2 stepdaughters  who are out of school, ages 23, 19.  Wife graduated from U of Washington.  But that's okay!   I have a black belt in taekwondo; citizenship in Panama, have made many visits there.  The weight I didn't have in high school I have now. And I still have my hair! Try to stay active, but three years ago tore rotator cuff and a year later tore Achilles tendon.  Still get together with Romero when he is here visiting from New York. 
Joye Ainslie (Jepson)
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Retired IT Executive Married 2
A lot has happened in the last 10 years.  I earned my PhD in Leadership and Change - I like the idea of Dr. Joye!  I retired from The Boeing Company as an IT Executive after 27 years.  With six years in the Air Force (reached the rank of Captain) after graduating from WSU and my Boeing career, I was ready for a new chapter in my life.  I was successful in many areas at Boeing to include implementing a Leadership Program for all of IT and leading many successful programs for organizations, processes, products and operations management.  I was an Executive sponsor for Boeing Women in Leadership and Boeing Employee Veterans Association.  I was a Champion for the Northwest Girls Cooperative Program that promoted STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).  Unfortunately, my new chapter in life was derailed for a while.  I was diagnosed with colon cancer.  Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, Fred Hutch and UW Physicians Network were awesome and I can say I am cancer free now!!!  That really gave me pause and had me thinking of my life.  My husband Rob was really supportive - he also retired from the Tacoma Police and we moved to Tennessee.  Our daughter had moved to Florida and is now a Senior Financial Analyst for Disney and our son moved with his family to Tennessee and is a Supervisor for Nissan.  We wanted to move closer to our family which includes two beautiful grandchildren (I'm not biased at all).  We were able to buy a beautiful home with 10.5 acres.  We have lots of room for fun to include a pool, volleyball court, playground, soccer field, golf simulator and basketball court.  We have lots of family and friends visit and many parties and get-togethers.  We are really loving retirement.  We play golf, bowl and travel a lot.  We've been on many cruises to include Alaska, Hawaii and Australia.  We have traveled all over the US golfing, attending sporting events and visiting friends and family.  We've joined a travel club, World Ventures, that allows us premium experiences at reduced costs.  We are truly blessed.  40 years sure seems like a long time yet I still have great memories I will never forget.  Take care and come visiti us if you are ever in Tennessee!!!
Bev Johnson
Business Analyst Single
Hi Everyone!  I look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.  I went to both the 10 and 20 year reunions, but this 30 year seems to have come even faster than the other two!  And the life changes in the last ten years are remarkable.  This wonderful website the committee has set up is just one great example of how far technology has progressed!  
After graduation, I attended the U of WA, along with orange and blue, I bleed purple and gold!  8-)     After getting my degree, I moved down to Northern California, and have been living there the past 24 years.  I am single, no kids, and when I am not working I love to spend most of my spare time trying to travel to new places.  My parents still live in the same house we lived in while I was going to Lakes, so I am up there often to visit.  And I am still friends with Audrey Cunningham and see her every year.  I have had a blessed life the last 30 years, and it will be great to see everyone and take a step back to 1977!  See you all at the reunion!
Janine Jornlin
Caregiver Single 1
Roles are reversing at this stage of my life - live with my folks and help care for my dad. He's still sharp ad a tack but failing physically. Really honored to help out especially with the tumultuous s**t I've put them through. Still single - my son, Hunter helps his grandparents as well. Looking forward to catching up with everyone!
Patti Klein
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Residential Energy Consultant Divorced 1

Hi Everyone,

WOW I am amazed at just how fast almost 35 years have gone by!!  Okay so where do I begin.  After high school I got married at the young age of 28, was married for 10 years and we had a daughter who is a gift from the lord.  She is getting married this year to a wonderful man on August 7th.  It will be a blast because my step brothers of what 40 years or so are coming too the event.  Ya all remember Jerry and Darrin Davenport? 

Yup, you may not have know but we are related by marriage and are still involved in each others lives.  Vern their dad (my step dad that I loved very much ) and my mom Patti died very close to each other in the last 10 years.  So it is great that we are all still family.

I have lived in Denver for 19 years and love it here.  I work for Xcel Energy as a residential energy consultant, fancy title saying I sell solar, furnaces, ac's, insulations, home energy audits, indoor air quality products for the home.  I LOVE what i do and do well at it.

I cook a great deal for family and friends, hike, bike, yoga, pilates, wine...did I say wine...whine no whining here.

I have a deep belief in our lord Jesus Christ and truly with the life hardships we have all had by this time...dont know if I would have made it with out our lord.

Bored yet??  I would love to see all of you again.  Hugs Patti (changed my name when I was 22 to Diane)

Roy Litts
Married 4
Updated:  I now have 4 kids; the latest is Connor, he's 5.  I'm a stay at home dad and he acts like it... pitty the world...  Still married to Susie; 16 years now!!  Other kids are out of school and working (one's a Phd).  Still expensive...

Hello all; I've got 3 great kids; Jeffrey (22), Breanne (20), and Derek (15). Susie and I have been married for 6 years; she's my best friend (sorry Tony)... I currently work in the IT; commuting weekly to Wenatchee.  Hey, it's a non-profit health care clinic... we do what we can... 

We also have two great little dogs; Cooper and Bentley. 
Matt Losch
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Profile picture
Married 2
Hello 77 Grads, I have been married for 22 years to Donna the best thing that ever happen to me !! I have two boys Nathan 19 and Adam 12, I am still doing real estate, this will be my 12th year. My mom and Dad are going great and my brother Mickey and I are still very close. You know those Losch Brothers. I still stay in contact will a lot of people from school we all get together as much a possible camping trips and on the holidays. All of us on the committee have been really working hard on the reunion to make this a killer event, so I encourage you to all come for a super time!! Put on your dancing shoes!! See you all on the 4th of August 2007 Take care and God Bless, Matt Losch
M. Elaine Lyle
Computer Programmer
Lori Semrau (Mann)
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Profile picture
School Counselor Married 3
Wow!  Is it 30 years already?   It's been a wild ride, full of fun, adventures and challenges.  Tom and I have traveled a bit with his years in the Army and decided that there's "no place like home" settling in the Puget Sound area (Lacey).  I've been a school counselor for about 8 years now and love it.  Was busy doing the "mom thing" prior to that.  The 3 kids are adults now- in various stages of the college experience.  Heather (23) just finished WSU's dietetic program, Brian (21) will finish WSU's engineering program next year and Eric (19) is just starting college next fall.  Tom and I are looking forward to those "golden years" when our kids will pick up the tab when we go out.
Pam Bartels (Martin)
Teacher Married 2

Thirty years!!! It's hard to believe so much time has passed since the day of the bright orange gown! I've been teaching for 25 years in the CP School District. I'm currently a first grade teacher on Fort Lewis, where I've been for the past 16 years. Steven and I have been married for 19 years. He is a supervisor in the Traffic Division for Pierce County. We built a home in Steilacoom two years ago. We have two daughters...Haley is 21 and just got engaged to her high school sweetheart! Kellie is 13 and is going into the 8th grade at Pioneer.  Life is good!

Ruth Martin
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Profile picture
Acquisition Manager Married

Hi All,

I won’t be coming to the reunion this time.  The last one I made it to was the 10 year reunion.  I am still very close to Nina Sanchez (Jennsen), we manage to see each other every couple of years and attended each others weddings.  She told me the 20 year reunion was great too.  Nina and her family won’t be in town the weekend of the reunion, so I won’t be coming up from Phoenix where I have lived for the past 18 years.  After graduation my family and I moved to Southern California where I graduated from college at San Diego State University.  I have been working for the Federal Government for the past 24 years and found out a few years ago that a fellow Lakes Alum, Leslie Simmonds (Cleveland) works in our Southern California Office.  She’ll have to give me updates on the reunion.  I hope this web site stays up for awhile and you post pictures from the event.  On a personal note, I have been married for 16 years to a great guy named Ken Hopson and yes I retained my maiden name for business and personal reasons.  This is my only marriage and we don’t have kids.  My older brother Rich (Class of 74) has a son named Remy (Richard Martin III) that I get to spoil.   Since they all still live in Southern California we go over a couple times a year to visit, we just go back a couple of weeks ago where we took my nephew on his 30th trip to Disneyland (he lives 30 minutes away).  My husband is a retired Engineer from the VA hospital, I plan to join him in the next couple of years.  Over the years we have done a lot of traveling mainly with our favorite hobbies skiing and scuba diving. I didn’t make it to the 20 year reunion because my husband and I were diving in the Cayman Islands.  I have been fortunate in my life to have traveled to all the continents in the world with the exception of Antarctica, which is on my list.   Some of my favorite trips have been to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Fiji, Tahiti, Egypt, the Galapagos, Indonesia and the Maldives.  We already have our next two trips planned to the Philippines in November and Borneo in May.  That’s a quick synopsis of what I have been up to the past 30 years. If you want to contact me send me an e-mail at, I would love to have a blast from the past or if you ever come through Phoenix, give me a holler.  Have a blast at the reunion and I will be thinking of all the fun I will be missing.

Becky Hurlow (McCauley)
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Speech Language Therapy Assistant Divorced 1
Hi everyone, long time no see. Somehow I missed the 20 yr. reunion, so we have a lot of catching up to do. After teaching Preschool for Bates Tech. College and Tacoma Schools for many years, I am now A Speech and Language Therapy Assistant. I love the job and I love having my summers off. I have a wonderful 16 year old daughter named Katy who goes to Bellarmine and will be a junior this year. I'm also dating a great guy and we've been together for 8 years. I've slowly been remodeling my little house in Tacoma and Mom and Dad still live in Oakbrook and are doing well. All in all life is good and I've been blessed. I can't wait to see you all again.
Cheryl Cheryl McColm (McColm)
Real Estate/Mary Kay Sales Committed Relationship
Hello Everyone, just attended the 35th class/1977....I was shocked at all the energy. It has been a long past three years since I was diagonosed with Thyroid Cancer and I now can proudly say I am a Survivor.....I already knew that! just kidding! It was fun to see everyone. I did not stay very long because my energy level is about half of what it used to be however I am going to start walking again and working out everyday till the day I die. Hope to see the rest of you that did not make it @ the 40th. I am currently looking to put together a 40th year reunion for the graduates of Pioneer Middle School of 1973..Steilacoom,Wa....So....If you know anyone who would like to join me on the committee I could sure use some help. Give me a Call @ 253-221-9862 or email me @
God Bless, Cheryl
David McCracken
heavy equipment parts Married 2
I found out about this from Mike Wilson when I bumped into him at Costco. Holy Crap! 40 years coming up! I sure hope to see a bunch of y'all and see how many of you I still recognize. Me? I've been married for 29 years, I have 30 year old twins(1 boy and1 girl). I started dating their mom when they were a year old and I'm the only dad they ever knew. I have a soon to be 9 year old grandaughter that is my little hotrod garage girl. She loves my old cars and the one with the flames is her favorite. We share grandparent duty with...STEVE and BECKY BERRY! Now,aint that a trip?  See y'all in August!
Annalise Brown (McCulloch)
Glory Days, In the Wink of a Young Girl's Eye.....

Continued luck and happiness wished to all my classmates!
David McNeel
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Profile picture
Air Traffic Controller Single 1
Hellow classmates!

I've been retired since May 2015 after a 30+ year career with the Federal Aviation Administration..  My air traffic control career included over 18 years in Anchorage and another 12 in Seattle.

I settled down in the town of Puyallup and own an old craftsman home in the downtown area.  My daughter is 21 years old and she's pursuing a career in Nursing.  She's completed 2 years at the University of Washington.  It looks like she may finish her education at Washington State University starting this winter.  She also works part-time as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

In my spare time I enjoy home remodeling, traveling, road trips, camping in my vintage trailer, hiking Mount Rainier, air racing, Indycars and frequent trips to the Hawaiian Islands with my girlfriend.  Winter activities include several  snowshoe trips and flying my VR flight simulator.   A trip to Scotland to explore my family heritage is on my bucket list.

The graduation photo above includes my friends - Robert Bowers, and Nancy Howell (Brinson). Sadly, Bob passed away on December 7, 2006.  I will forever miss his sense of humor.

Linda Bennett (Merritt)
self-employed childcare centers owner Married 3
Hello to everyone past and present.  It has been alot of fun reading everyones blurbs.  I find all of you to be very intelligent,successful, and interesting people.  We did have a great class!!.  I've gotten to be reaquainted with some of you by phone or visits, during this whole process and that has been great.  I have been married to Richard Merritt for 26 years as of August 1st 07.  We actually met when we were 12!  He has his 30year class reunion a week after ours! On our honeymoon in Hawaii I ran into Patty West from grade school who was just finishing college.  That was weird. We have a boy and two daughters.  Kyle is 23 and works for the Sumner school district.  Carin is 20 and lives in Longbeach, CA attending Orange Coast college to persue a career in Broadcast Journalism and acting.  Last but not least there is Brianna who is my baby and is learning to drive and will be a junior in high school next year.  My fondest memories of school actually are Lake City Elementary, and Mann Junior High.  It is an honor to get to grow up with people from grade school through High School. My  memories of high school are working ,going to all the dances with the same boy Tino Simpson, and studying while he cheated off my papers.  Currently Richard works for Boeing on the F-22 fighter planes.  I am a childcare center director/owner and have 2 sites.  One in  Parkland and one in Lakewood.  I have been taking care of kids for 27 years. I Got my start from Lakes lab school and degree from Pierce college in Early Childhood Education.  I dedicate this last 30 years to my wonderful parents who still live for the past 60 years in the house that dad built on Forest Ave.  They are the greatest people alive and taught me everything I know about caring for people and working hard.   Thankyou committee for working hard and can't wait to talk to all of you.   Live, Laugh, Love  Linda Bennett/Merritt
Mary Oakes (Mitts)
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Profile picture
Retired Widowed 3
Looking forward to reconnecting and seeing some "old" faces!  
Laura Hile (Modawell)
homemaker Married 2
My life these past 10 years is good--we are still in Redmond; and our children are 13 and 10 so I'm actually sleeping through the night now!! The biggest change for me is during ski season when we are gone every weekend to Crystal Mountain. I'm either packing or unpacking but its worth it. Our boys are in CMAC (ski racing) there and I'm working on keeping ahead of my youngest for at least another year (if I get those shorter and fatter skiis, maybe two). Chris B. if you are reading this, I have finally graduated from Queen's Run! I'm looking forward to some nostalgia since I never run into anyone from Lakes in Redmond!
Jowena Hafford (Moffis)
Registered Nurse Single 1
Grad U of Hawai
Lived in Hawaii for 36 years but, recently moved back to Lakewood (Oakbrook) when my mom came down with Covid. The intent was to care for her as she was rapidly declining in health. My brother called and asked for my help. So I sold my happy place and shipped all my stuff and car here to my other condo. It didn't last long as she is now with the Lord. Now the question remains what was the Lord's plan for bringing me back here after all these years? My HI pals give me a hard time about being in, "...that rainy place." Truth is, I love it here. I prayed for snow and it did. I enjoy cuddling by the fireplace. I love getting my hands dirty in the garden. In high school, Germaine and I could both be found hanging around the art dept. and, to this day, I still enjoy being creative with every medium. I joined Oasis Church and went to Russel Wilson's final game as a Seahawk. (Sad). Now, after all these years I am the proverbial salmon swimming upstream to return to where I started. I took a spin around the old neighborhood. My once beautiful childhood home is now in disrepair. In fact, the entire neighborhood appears to have gone down the drain. Where did Pioneer Middle School go?  Guess it's now a admin office. As a kid we'd go down to the dock in Steilacoom and catch fish. I sat up the hill from there in a little diner munching on a mushroom burger with some sweet tea and just watched the cars lining up for the ferry. I thought this town looks like Amityville in Jaws. 
As far as my personal life...I have 1 son, Dallas, no grandchildren yet. He recently married his childhood sweetheart. Life for me has been a learning experience. I've had tough times and I've had great times like everyone else. No pretense. My greatest accomplishment is accepting the Lord as my savior. If you haven't yet, I hope you do too!  Since I'm back in Lakewood I plan to attend the 45th. Looking forward to seeing you there!  Love and best wishes to you ❤️
caren waggoner (moritz)
teaching specialist Married 2
I'd like first to say thank you to all of you that make reunions happen.  I can image it takes a lot of time.  How generous of you!
I have been living in eastern washington in a little town called Zillah.  My husband grows cherries, pears, and apples and I have been a teacher for 25 years.  I recently became a specialist for our district.  I will begin a new career this year coaching teachers and providing professional development.  Teaching has been such a rewarding career.
Tony and I have two children, Andrew, 20, and Amy, 18.  Both are interested in the teaching/counseling occupations and are in college.
I will continue to check this site to see who checks in.  I hope to be able to attend the reunion.  Again, thank you for your hard work putting this together.
Diane Stockbridge (Mortzheim)
Profile picture
Vice President, HD Baker POS Married 2
Hi Eveyone!
My husband and I have owned a software development company for 15 years now.  We work together and are still married!  We've raised four, all grown and out of the house.  We actually have a life again as of about two years ago.  We like to scuba dive (in warm water), hike, ski and have fun out on the town.  My oldest daughter has her Masters in Engineering, my other daughter has finished "chef" school.  Our sons are still figuring out how to get up in the morning, but doing fine.  Jeff, our oldest, is studying to get his realtor license.  I'm a proud grandmother of an 18month old - took some getting used to being called "grandma"!!!*&*.  My parents still live on Lundstrom Drive and are doing great - travelling, etc.   I look forward to seeing everyone - it's been great getting some emails from lost, but not forgotten, friends.
Lake City Elementary Mr. Sysum's 5th Grade Class
Profile picture
Shaper of Future Lakes 77 Grads
This is a 1969 "THEN" look at and for several classmates who have posted to this website so far.  Let's hear from others!  All of these Lakes grads (and a few CP too) will remember the folk songs sung in class led by Mr. Sysum on guitar.  What an amazing time of our lives.  How many of these Lake City Elm. classmates can you name?
Janice Coleman (Myers)
Business Office Representative Committed Relationship 1



Cathy Dylina (Neir)
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Elementary Teacher Married 2
Cathy Dylina (Neir)
Elementary Teacher (Retired) Married 2
Mike Nelson
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Retired/Financial Services Married 2

Update for 45th:  I regret we will not make the 45th reunion this year.  Too much going on.  Kathy and I live in Colleyville, TX now in our downsized forever home.  Retired on May 1 from auto finance banking after 40 years.  Two weddings for both grown kids over the next nine months.   Heading to Spain in September.  Starting up a mobile food pantry for our church.  Coincidentally spending July in Seattle for the cooler temps and to play Chambers Bay.  Still hanging and vacationing with Wally, Jeff, Clint, Steve Hauge, Eric, and Bob J.  50-year reunion or Bust!!!  Go Lancers!                    

Update for 40th:   Mike & Kathy are now empty-nesters.   We lived in Orange County, CA for the last ten years and just moved back to Dallas a few months ago.   We down-sized and upgraded for the next stage of life.   We hope to be splitting time between PNW and Texas soon.  Mike works for Wells Fargo now and Kathy does all kinds of things.  Our grown kids live in Texas.  Blair works for the ABC TV affiliate as brand manager in Dallas, and Reid is a financial analyst for the parent company to Xerox in Austin.  No grand kinds.  No prospects.  We travel some, spend time with friends of both Lakes and WSU, and follow our sports teams.  God has blessed us richly and we hope also you.  Go Lancers.  

Update for 30th::   Life has been a constant adventure.  I graduated from WSU in Business Marketing and then returned to Seattle where I started a career with Ford Motor Credit Company.  Today my family and I live in Laguna Niguel, CA where my current position is in national brand marketing for our Jaguar, Land Rover, and Volvo brands. 


My wife of 23 years, Kathy, and I have two great kids.  Our daughter, Blair, will be a sophomore at Drake University in Iowa.  She plays college soccer and is majoring in communications.  Our son, Reid, will be a junior in high school.  He plays football and basketball among a number of talents and gifts.


We've had a chance to experience many parts of the country working with Ford, not unlike the Army-brat experience I and many of us grew up knowing.  We have lived in the SF Bay Area, Michigan, Austin TX, outside Washington DC, Dallas TX, and now the OC.  We've also been able to travel some internationally.  But, it's nice to be back on the West Coast again.


I still keep in touch with some of my Lakes buddies…Jeff Thoren, Eric Herbel, Wally Miller, Steve Hauge, Bob J.  No doubt we'll squeeze a game of Risk somewhere into the festivities.  Fellow-Coug Nancy Howell (Brinson) introduced me to my wife.  Small world.


Lakewood is still "home" after all these years.  I'm a Mariners fan and Cougar die-hard.  I find myself following the Lancers on the internet and we still own a home in Seattle.  We get back to visit, but not often enough.  All my (our) family is still in the Pacific Northwest.  Maybe we'll return for good some day…if you all can ever fix that weather!


Here's to all of us.  We deserve to celebrate our accomplishments, life lessons, God's blessings, our family, and friends.  See you all there.  We're all wearing orange, right?
Michelle Bishop (Oliver)
Database Technician Married
After getting married to a red-neck from Montana in July 1995, my husband David and I moved to Spokane, then left 3 years later to the little town of Deer Lodge, MT.  David works at the lumber mill in town and I am currently at the Department of Environmental Quality in Helena.  After working at Montana State Prison as a Records Tech for 7 years, I quit and went to work for DEQ.  David has 2 sons, Mike 28 and Ken 30!!!  We have 3 beautiful granddaughters, Kira is 7, Kristina is 5 and Marley is 3.  We also have a dog Koda that David and I consider our "baby".  After living in the big cities of Tacoma and Spokane, it's pretty nice living in a one horse town (only 1 stoplight and rush hour is 3 cars stuck waiting for the light to turn).  Many of you may remember my Dad as the security guy at the Ice Arena.  We lost Dad in 1994 to a heart attack.  Mom is still alive and kicking in University Place.  I can't wait to see everyone in August, espically now.  My husband just lost a high school friend to cancer.  He had talked about looking him up "one of these days".  Well, my "one of these days" is going to be in August!!!  I am so excited to see everyone again.  Love to all!!
Kathy Palmquist (Palmquist-Keck)
Profile picture
Principal Married 3
I have worked for the Seattle Archdiocese for 35 years, 28years as a principal and 20 years as the principal of St. Mark Parish School.  I have been married to Brent for 26 years and we have three children; Vince, Teresa, and Matthew.  Looking forward to the reunion.
Charles Peiffer
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Fire Department Single
Cindy Lind (Peterson)
Profile picture
CFO Married 3
Wow!! 30 years. My body tells me it's been thirty years. Oh what I would do to have that back again!! Life has been incredible for me. I'm living the life far better that what I had dreamed. I have been married to Jay for 23 years. We own an Architectural business along with 2 other Lakes graduates, Steve Storaasli and Wayne Lerch and design K-12 Schools. I manage the financal and human resorces end of the business. Jay and I have lived on Lake Steilacoom for 20 years. 5 years ago we gutted our house and dozed our yard and turned it into the home of our dreams. We have 3 kids (two from my first marriage) Elizabeth 26, who is in her last year at UW Tacoma before she heads to Law School. She works at the Starbucks at Lakewood Town Center. Brandon 24, who graduated from UW with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and works for UW and Jens 19 who's a sophmore at Indiana University attending the Jacobs School of Music. He's a world class soloist playing the tuba. I've been fortunate to have a great life. We have traveled many places in the world. I just returned from Tokyo where Jens was sent to record a DVD. Check out our website for some of our travels I love my job...mainly because my bosses let me take the day off when I feel like it. And anybody who knows me knows I love to count money!!! We are empty nesters so I have replaced my kids with 3 dogs and a cat. I can't believe I have 3 dogs, a 7 year old English Setter and two Havanese puppies just adopted last month. Plus a persian cat. I love entertaining and there are lots of awesome events at our house. E-mail me and I'll have you over for one!! By the way, I need any old friend out there to convice me to come to the party!!! It will be one interesting night won't it!!
Tom Peterson
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Profile picture
Senior Program Analyst Married 4
For our 30th reunion I was living in Las Vegas. Now were back in the area, temporarily living in Kent while we build in Hansville, at the north end of the Kitsap Peninsula. I'm working as a contractor analyst with the FAA and my wife, Judy, is working with the City of Seattle. Two of our children live in the area, one is in Boise, and one is in Los Angeles. I'm looking forward to the reunion!
Michael Pettigrew
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Profile picture
Business Analyst Single Again 2
Well...I can't believe it's been a whole 30 days since we graduated!...Oh really?!...are you kidding me?!'s been 30 YEARS!!! WOW, what the hell have I been doing?!!
...actually, as with everyone else, this whole event is bringing back a flood of memories for me...and I mean a flood! Just hearing that EWF song on the web site triggered a few. I remember going to see them at the Seattle Center Coliseum!
Anyway, my parents live just outside Vancouver B.C. so between this awesome event and seeing them...this is a trip I just couldn't pass up on. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again. Even though we all didn't really get to know each other back then, it just doesn't matter now cause we all share a common achievement...ya baby!...part of the Lakes graduation Class of '77!!!
Can't wait see, talk, have a drink, and crazy dance with everyone, eh?!
Cheers and see ya soon...
Terryl Ross
Profile picture
Professor Single 1
Can€™t believe it has already been 30 years. YESTERDAY€”some of my favorite memories are: Pioneer, Dupont, woodshop with Mr. Warner, getting a €œB€ from Mr. Crosdill and being proud of it, kickin it with Joey and Lewis, Nina Sanchez and Ruth, Angie Confer (Heaton), watching Spud pin the guy from Lincoln, Janice and Dale Coleman€™s dance routine, drill team dancing to Serpentine Fire, finally starting in football our senior year, going to the prom with Deanna, graduation speaker (thanks!). Since Lakes I have been a football coach, Army Military Intelligence Officer, DJ, professor, and documentary film maker. I am single and have a 22-year-old son that lives in Germany. In 2003, I received my Ph.D. from the UW in educational communications, and technology. TODAY€”I am in charge of diversity at Oregon State University. I enjoy family, friends and doing stuff with new media. I am a performance coach and do consulting in diversity and new media. TOMORROW€”In my time remaining on this earth, I hope to use my blessings toward social justice. I€™d like to create a 21st century new media company. I feel very blessed to have grown up with so many of you and the older I get, the more I realize how far ahead Lakewood was about diversity. I grew up with a healthy respect for all people and with the ability to talk to people that are different than me. In loving memory of Terrence Cyrus Ross, my twin brother and fellow classmate that died of complications with AIDS in 1987, and all of the other Lancers that have passed away. For pictures of our 30th Reunion, please go to: I would welcome the opportunity to reconnect with all of you, you can reach me at "BE THE CHANGE YOU HOPE TO SEE IN THE WORLD" GHANDI
Lori Smedley (Sabo)
Profile picture
Teacher Married 2
Hey eveyone, 
Mark and I are empty nesters and even grandparents.  We don't feel old enough to wear that title, but we obviously are...and are loving it. 
Lane Langston (Sample)
Curator of Education and Outreach Married 3
Henry Schlenker
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Custodian Married 1
Patti West (Sooy)
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Profile picture
Dental Hygienist Married 1
Hey Everybody-it was so good to see so many of you at the reunion.  What a fun time.  We need to work on getting together with small groups so we have time to really catch up.  That was the only frustrating part of the reunion-not enough time.  I am comitted to staying in touch with as many of you as I can.  This website makes it easy, so post something every now and again so we can all stay in touch.  Many good wishes to you all for a safe and healthy year!  I finally found an old photo and the new photo was snorkeling with the stingrays down in Grand Cayman.  That was our 20th anniversay celebration and yes, we took our son.  We had a blast.
Thirty Years-WOW.  Time does fly when you're having fun and I try to have fun everyday.  SO a quick recap:  I'm still in the dental business-hygiene specifically and also own my own consulting business. It's really been a great career.My husband of 22 years is a rancher and he raises the best beef ever.  If you want tasty steaks-give us a call.  My one and only son just graduated highschool and is off to Montana State next year in Bozeman.  It will be awfully quiet around here.  In my spare time I try to stay fit-Yoga/Pilates is my favorite, I'd love to travel more and we have the greatest friends to hang out with.  If you ever get over to Eastern Washington-look me up.  We have plenty of room and a great view.  Can't wait to see everyone.  Dancing Anyone?  Don't forget I "gatored" at our 10th!!!
I'll find a picture soon.
Christine Werth (Spivey )
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Nurse Married 2
Wow, I was so surprised to get an invite to the 45th reunion and almost made it. I have a trip planned to Washington August 15th, if only I had found out about the reunion a month earlier.  I live in North Carolina on the beach with my husband of 40 years! He was my childhood sweetheart and is my best friend today. I’ve been a nurse for 38 years. We have 2 grown children but still waiting on grand kids. 
Henry Stockman
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Self Employed Married 4
Wow 30 Years,
Where Did The Time Go Seems like Yesterday
we Were at our 20TH Reunion, Im Married
to A Awesome Lady and God Has Blessed me with
4 Great Kids Scott 25,Kylee 22, Kate 15 and 
Whitney 14 Going on 21 LOL, My Greatest Thrill
is Accepting Jesus as My Savior Back in 1996,
and All The Great Times My Kids Have Provided,
They Are All Athletes and Have Helped To Keep
Me Young and Broke,Can't Wait to See all of
You At the Reunion,Save Me Some Dances

Mike Stovall
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semiretired student Committed Relationship 2
Hi, I don't have a then photo, I guess if you don't remember me or were too cheap to buy a yearbook you probably won't care anyway. Suffice it to say I was a rail thin, bespectacled looking nerd that couldn't get lucky in Helen Keller's bordello.

I currently live in Steilacoom with my girlfriend Pam and my youngest daughter Lauren 15. My older daughter is 16 and lives with her mom (Satan).   Both of them go to Lakes. Lauren is a Lancer Dancer, which if I remember correctly, in our day was a bunch of lederhosen clad yodelers. Now it's a pseudo-cheerleader group- don't tell my little one I said that.

I was employed for almost 25 years in the plastics industry, the last eleven years in the IT field. In May the company I worked for moved its corporate office to Detroit and I decided that I had enough and we parted ways. Meanwhile I have been studying nursing with a hope of changing career paths. 

I have spent the last 30 years traveling around when I can, so far this year I have been on a cruise in Hawaii and a trip to Orlando a couple of weeks ago to show my girls the Mouse and let them swim with the dolphins. The only important thing in life is friends and family and that is where my focus lies these days.

I won't be coming to the reunion, prior commitments preclude my participation in the festivities. Maybe I will be around for the next one and perhaps I can say hello to those of you who are not pushing up daisies at that time. Maybe we can race our Little Rascals around the convention hall at the next roundup. 

I wish you all success, health and prosperity in all you endeavors.
Melanie Warmbier (Sullivan)
Degree Evaluator Married
Hey all,
I'm not lost, just living a fabulous life with my husband of 25 years!  Kids were not in our picture so we do the best we can by spoiling each other.  Can't believe I was so lucky to find the love of my life.  Sean's a 3rd grade teacher and I have worked for 20 years at the University of Puget Sound.  We have a home in Puyallup.
No one will be surprised that I won't be at the reunion.  Instead we will be in Orlando -- Yes, I know it will be hot, hot, hot...but, I'll still have fun, fun, fun.  
If any of you find a way to slow time down -- fill us in, will you?  I'll be watching the postings.
I think of so many of you often.  Wishing you all the best.  Enjoy the reunion!
Chris Tess
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Restaurant Chef Married 4
Hi everyone!! Its been alongtime alright. I have not been very well in the Marriage department until 19 years ago. When I met the love of my life from New Zealand. Yes a kiwi! WE have three children together. All three are Boys. My first son from a previous marriage is now 24. He is set to get Married next July. My other boys are Russell age 15, Alex age 13 and just three years old Lucas. I stiil work for Black Angus in puyallup. I have worked in the Restaurant business since 1978. I wanted a Soccer career but college soccer life was hard on me. I got to many injuries playing. So I retired for a year. Than played divison one soccer for two years than called it quits. Anyhow I enjoy watching my boys play baseball now. Hope to hear from some of you.
Jeff Thoren
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Coach/Consultant Married 1
Greetings fellow Lancers!  Peggy and I are looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion!  Thanks to the reunion committee for all your hard work!
Here's a chronology of my life since 1977:
1984 (May) - Graduated from WSU with a DVM degree;  1984 (June) - realized I'd chosen the wrong career, briefly thought about enrolling in the Barnum & Bailey clown school, masqueraded as a small animal veterinarian for a couple more years to keep my parents happy and explore other options; 1987 - Took a job as a Professional Services veterinarian with Hill's Pet Nutrition (I was really just a glorified dog food salesman), move to Gig Harbor;  1992 (October) - Married Peggy Dubbelde!;  1994 (June) - Took a technical services job with Novartis Animal Health (selling veterinary drugs but at least it beats selling dog food);  1994 (September) - Our daughter, Emily, is born!;  1996 - I get promoted to management and we move to Greensboro, NC;  2000 - I become the Director of Recruitment & Development for a corporate group of veterinary hospitals (this was a significant transition, moving me into an HR role vs. a technical/scientific role), we move to Chandler, AZ;  2005 - Gifted Leaders, LLC is born, a coaching/consulting business focusing on personal & organizational leadership development and team building. Check out, sign up for the free e-newsletter;  2006 - Had an epiphany during a coaching class ... realized great leaders are great coaches (not the "drop and give me 20" variety we might remember from High School, but people who empower others by doing more asking than telling). 
Launching my own business has been a great lesson in living by faith and not by sight!  Without a doubt, I've grown more personally and professionally in the last two years then in any other two-year period in my life.  God is good! 
Estrella Carmona (Torres)
Business Owner Married 3

It's been great to read what everyone has been doing. I am remarried to Jimmy Torres for almost 19 years. We have three wonderful children Bianca (from my first marriage) 26 and teaches Kindergaten at Cherrydale in Steilacoom; Camille 18, just graduated from Steilacoom High School. She will be going to Pierce and wants to become a vet tech; and Max 15 (my baby boy) he will be a sophmore at Steilacoom.  
As for Jimmy and I , we are retired military after 20 years of service. Jimmy has been currently employed for 10 years at Boeing. After 21 years of Early Childhood experience I opened my own child care in my home. I have been doing this since 2001 and absolutely love it. I moved back to the old neighborhood after moving from Colorado. My mom still lives right down the street.

Larry Upton
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Firefighter Married 3
30 year re-cap in one paragraph: 2 kids from first marriage, Liberty (22) graduating this year from Willamette U. Mason (19) in his first year at U of Arizona. Daughter Mykael (21) from second marriage works for Starbucks. Married last year in Central Park NY to wonderful lady I've been laughing and enjoying life with with for past 10 years. Veta manages the Starbucks across from the South Hill Mall in Puyallup which is one of the top producing stores on the west coast. I'm still in the firefighting business (23 years) working in Auburn for the Valley Regional Fire Authority feeling blessed everyday that I have a job I love that provides a decent wage and exceptional health insurance (I believe Regence Blue Shield had to order a whole new file cabinet just for my files). Most of my free time is spent staying active with volleyball, racquetball and cycling, once again thanks to my schedule and good doctors. We live in Ruston where I serve as a planning commissioner about 1 mile from Pt. Defiance and the waterfront and unless we win the lottery couldn't think of anywhere else that would suit us any better. Dad still lives in Lakewood, Mom still lives in Tacoma about 1 mile from us. She walks over to say hello about 3 days a week rain or shine and is as funny as ever. Brother Dennis still in Bellingham working for Morse Steel and cycling all over the place. I apologize in advance for having difficulty remembering a whole lot from 30 years ago so please re-fresh my memory when you get a chance. It's apparent I was more intent on having all my fun in the moment and didn't use any of my energy toward storing it away for a later time.
David Vanos
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Physician Married 3
Nice to hear from everyone.   I've been  busy with a marriage to my wonderful wife, Jill, since 1983 and have 3 great kids Neil (age 20), Chelsea (age 18) and Nathan (age 10).  I've been  a doctor of anesthesiology since 1988 and have been working at Holy Family Hospital since 1994.  
     After graduating from Lakes in 1977 I went to Creighton U. in Omaha, Nebraska and attended undergraduate school and subsequently went to Creighton's Med School in 1981, graduating from the program in 1985.  I also spent 8 years in the USAF paying back time that I owed for a scholarship.  
     Currently I love running(still), golf, and whatever other sports I can pursue with interested people (tennis, basketball, etc.).  I will look forward to hearing from folks in our class and/or emails.  Also, I'll definitely look forward to 5 years from now at the 35th (WOW)! 

Janet Andrus (Warning)
grandmother Married 3
David and I will celebrate our 29th wedding anniversay this month. We are living in Lacey where David is the principal at the alternative high school.  Prior to that he was the principal at Lakes Elementary .,  here in the North Thurston School District.  I have mostly been a stay at home mother and grandmother the past several years.  I do volunteer work for church and school and also sing with a group of old ladies.  
    We have 3 children.  Becca, 26, is married and has taught high school math the last four years.  With the arrival of her 2nd little boy in May she has quit to stay home and raise them.  
    Our son Bryce, 23, is married and is attending BYU majoring in business.  His wife is an elementary school teacher. 
   Our youngest, Katie, almost 20 will be a sophmore at BYU this years majoring in elementary education.  
    We have a beautiful home on Long Lake and love to travel.  Other than a few rought years after a bad car accident in 1998 , life has been really good to us.  
    My father passed away in 1999 but my mom is still living in the same house on 121st. 
Keith Watness
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Air Traffic Controller Married 2
Greetings!!!  Amazing it has been 30 years....I have been at SeaTac Airport since 1993 working in the tower as a controller. The "then" photo is Dave McNeel and I at the ocean and some 25 years later the "now" picture is my new bride and I at Lincoln City, OR. on our honeymoon. I was married to Nicole on 11-8-03 and "all is well". I even became an instant father to 17 yr old Michael and 9 yr old Miranda. Our 2 Pitbulls, Olivia and Elliot make for a busy house!!!
I can't wait to catch up with everyone at the reunion.
Edna Scurlock (Wilson)
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Our 45th class reunion will be fast approaching. Lots of information will be headed your way so you can all plan to attend.Cannot wait to see all of you.
I am RETIRED and loving it. And YES, you are busier after you retire. Not sure how I was able to do what I do now and work full time. I retired from Quest Diagnostics after working 39 years.
Married to Mike Wilson and we happily live in Oakbrook. 
See you all next year!!
Wayne Wright
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Photographer & Fisheries & Wetlands Scientist Married 2
35 years ago we would never even think of this day when we could regroup and "check in" with ourselves.  Sincere thanks to the reunion committee for the dedication and work you do to make these special gatherings happen!

Well, the kids are all grown up, graduated college and employed! Kelly (McCollum '78) and I will celebrate 31 years of marriage in September.  We play golf almost every weekend and travel the world together.  Working hard has paid off for us.  I still take lots fo photographs and started EcoPerspectives, LLC last year to show off some of my work and to do some online sales in my spare time.  Full time, I am the senior fisheries and wetlands scientist for GeoEnigneers, a national consulting firm.  My greatest pleasure professionally is to restore rivers and watersheds (or at least make them as good as we can under today's pressures) - taking photos of the work from start to finish. 

Looking forward to seeing the Lakes '77 crowd tonight! 
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